Hannah’s No Other Name Setlist

As mentioned in the Hillsong Worship newsletter, here’s my setlist idea for you! Hope you find it helpful!


If you’re thinking about using any new No Other Name songs in your church, or just curious to know how some of our key Hillsong Worship leaders use them in their setlists, here are some ideas for you!


Hannah Hobbs’ suggested setlist from No Other Name:

Alive (D)

Calvary (D)

Thank You Jesus (A)

This I Believe (The Creed) (D)

What kind of service is this setlist best suited for?

I would use this for a night service at our City Campus.  A lot of our youth come to this service, and people always come with lots of energy and expectation.

Would you ask your co-worship leader to lead any sections or songs, and why?

With this set I would have a male co-leader lead ‘Alive’. As a female worship leader, I think it’s important to always have at least one song in a male key, as it allows the men in the congregation to sing with full voice at some point during the service.

Please explain the arrangement and journey of your setlist.

I love to start a service with lots of energy. Singing ‘Alive’ is a great way to do that. Then ‘Calvary’ is a beautiful song that works well as a song two as it is still quite “up”.

Personally, I always love to have a musically stripped back, more “acoustic” song in a service, which would be ‘Thank You Jesus’ in this setlist. I love creating moments that allow the congregation to hear themselves sing – it can help build faith in the meeting. Then finishing with ‘This I Believe’ is a great way to end a worship set, declaring and confessing our faith together!

Where are you trying to lead the congregation to, and how would you engage them to that end?

Our goal is always to create an atmosphere of faith and to inspire people to lift their eyes and worship God. Obviously, that requires more than just a great setlist. We always rely on God to do what we can’t. In saying that, I think at times it can be good to read a scripture leading into worship and encourage the congregation at other times.

A moment of prayer can be a great way to lead into a song as well. When praying, I have learnt that it is always good to pray something scriptural. The Bible is alive and active, so when we pray scripture it’s much more helpful than just praying our own personal thoughts.

On a practical note, I try to always have fun and enjoy worshiping God. It really is amazing to gather together and lift up the name of Jesus!

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